About Us

The Waterfowl Haven Hunt Club offers exclusive Individual and Corporate Waterfowl Memberships for those hunters seeking a higher caliber from their hunting experience. We shoot more ducks and geese consistently year after year within a professionally administered club than any other club. Our club provides a quality outdoor experience with limited hunters on premium properties to hunt, all wrapped together with great camaraderie among its members.

Waterfowl Haven Hunt Club has thousands of acres of water and land to hunt, including 23 water locations, 23 goose pits, and 3 ground blinds to choose from for a total of 49 hunting locations. We limit memberships and provide our Members weekly scouting reports to ensure premium hunting experiences for our members.

Scott Willoughby, Denver Post: “With about one member per blind at the moment, Waterfowl Haven’s hunt club virtually guarantees a good hunting spot even on a crowded Saturday. Economics aside, the increasing interest in hunting clubs amounts to a simple function of supply and demand, even for lifelong public lands hunters. The sport is just becoming more popular, which drives the price up on everything. Especially now that the farmers have figured out the value of hunting leases and subleases. At the same time, the lack of public access deters people from the sport. It frustrates them. That’s where I think these clubs come in with the ease of use. A lot of people come over just because of that. It’s that ease of use to get a reservation, go to a spot, get a bird or two and go home.” Scott Willoughby, Denver Post See Article Here: http://www.denverpost.com/Sports/ci_26728591/Hunt-clubs-gain-in-popularity-with-waterfowl-hunters