Our Team

Blind Leader, Andy K

Hunting has always been a lifelong passion for Andy. Andy has hunted with Big Jim for 20 years now, and attributes Jim for causing waterfowl hunting to become his greatest passion.

Shane W

Shane has now been with our team for three seasons. A native of Nebraska, he grew up hunting and fishing with family all over Western Nebraska and Eastern Colorado. Shane is an experienced waterfowl hunter, but also enjoys upland, big game, and predator hunting throughout the fall and winter. In the spring and summer months, you will find him on the water targeting walleye, trout, and northern pike. Shane’s passion for hunting started with waterfowl hunts in the blind with his father and uncles, and that passion has now grown into a career working full-time with Waterfowl Haven.


Erica A

With 10 years of working for Fortune 500 companies and her love for the outdoors caused Erica to think outside of the corporate mold and create something sportsmen and families alike would enjoy. Erica is the behind scenes developer for causing this club to run efficiently and at it’s full potential. Nothing she loves more than to see families spending time together in the outdoors especially on her club properties.