“We had to leave a little early, but I have no doubt we would have got them all if we could have stayed just a bit longer. The locations you have, put us close to birds about every hunt. Very impressive! Thanks again.”
Heath H, 2014 Member

“I really really appreciate all the hard work yall put into it. It is very evident in the product. When I moved to Vail over ten years ago I rarely had a chance to waterfowl hunt. I became an avid big game archery hunter and have been fortunate to take some record book animals. But this is really my first year hunting waterfowl on my own. I hunted it here and there as a kid and once or twice a year the last several years but this is really my first year on my own. I have become obsessed. It has been like learning to hunt all over again. I love it!! I have learned so much will forever be a waterfowl hunter now. None of this would have been able to happen and I have had such great early success without yall. Thanks again for everything you do.”    Kyle, 2014 Member

“I really want to thank all of you for everything you do. This is truly a first class outfitter and I’m proud to be a member and I look forward every hunt.”    John V., 2014 Member

“I had a great goose hunt on Wednesday. I got my limit and never had to blow a call or put out a ton of decoys. To bad I was all by myself because there were ALOT of birds decoying right in. Thanks for the great properties!!”    Kyle A., 2014 Member

“My son John and I had a great day in the pit. We got a 2 man limit on club property. What a great day! Thanks for all you do!”
Roger B., 2014 Member

20150104_141136 (1)







“Thanks again! Had an incredible hunt yesterday. It was my first time shooting ducks in a field and my girlfriends first duck hunt that she has participated in. We both got our limits of mallards early and then sat the rest of the day letting hundreds and hundreds land and never firing a shot or disturbing them. We were trying to pick out pintails for our 6th duck but couldn’t get many to clear away from all the mallards. Ruffled one of their feathers. Could have grabbed three different mallard hens with my hands that land next to my lid. INCREDIBLE day all around. Thanks Kyle” 2014 Member

club member kyle 12-27-14







“I had a great year hunting, all members were very friendly. I hope to rejoin the hunt club in the future. I would recommend Waterfowl Haven to anyone. Thank you, Scott” Scott C., 2014/2015 Member

“Awesome weekend highlighted with my first banded goose! Thanks for everything you guys do!”
Tom K., 2014/2015 Member

“I have taken a job in Birmingham Alabama and the family and I will be moving next month. I will not be rejoining the club for the upcoming season. I want to thank you for the wonderful memories your club provided my family and I over the last two seasons.” Thanks, Brad D; 2014/2015 Member

“I just wanted to say thanks again for everything. I am already looking forward to next season. I will definitely be coming back next year and look forward to helping out on blind work etc before the beginning of next season. I attached some hunt pictures from the last several weeks. Had some really good hunts including back to back hunts under 30 minute limits! Thanks again”   Kyle, 2014/2015 Club Member
“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for a very enjoyable waterfowl season!” Clay T. 2014/2015 Member

“It’s great to hear your glad we (me and my family) are coming back. But honestly we are gratefull that you all have taken the time to secure such great properties and continue to operate Waterfowl Haven, we had a BLAST (some days literally), in the 2014/2015 season even with the weather struggles. Thanks again.” Kenny R. 2014/2015 Member
“Thanks for all the communications, you have already communicated more than both clubs I have been a member of in the past. Nice job.” David F, 2015/2016 Member